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Microsoft Vista

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Topic: Microsoft Vista
Posted By: admin
Subject: Microsoft Vista
Date Posted: Jan/25/2007 at 11:42am
After a five-year wait, and repeated delays, Microsoft Corp. will release the new Windows Vista operating system next week.
Despite the Hype, Vista users will be slow to evolve.
"There isn't any real reason for the computing community to move quickly to Vista. They will get there eventually because all new computers will come with the new operating system. Eventually, people will begin to see the advantages of Vista." John Beagle

Posted By: Delgar11
Date Posted: Jan/25/2007 at 1:28pm
I am in total agreement with you on this. With the increased demand on your hardeware for this O/S it will take a pc life cycle before it is in the mainstream pc's

Posted By: John Beagle
Date Posted: Jan/25/2007 at 2:27pm

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Posted By: JessKeeton
Date Posted: Jan/26/2007 at 9:58am
Where is my T-Shirt? Wink
Vista, Vista, Vista all this talk about it.
I have heard a couple people beta testing it and doesnt seem to impressed. They say it seems to be more user-friendly than XP nothing to fancy.
I just bought a new PC before christmas. It came with paperwork to fill out and get vista by mail. I just filled it out the other day so once I get it I do plan on trying vista out. Then I quess I will see what its all about for myself.

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Posted By: arwendt
Date Posted: Jan/30/2007 at 5:51pm
I heard one of the sales guys at say today that Vista is only being shipped on DVD.
Has anyone else heard that?

The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.
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Posted By: Delgar11
Date Posted: Jan/31/2007 at 2:47pm
For some more reading on the subject check out this report on the new Microsoft vista.

file:// - \\

Posted By: JessKeeton
Date Posted: Feb/01/2007 at 9:30am


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